The fundamental goal of  an assesment is to evaluate the executive from different angles and perspectives to point the right candidate who could authenticly deliver desired business results.

Results, at executive levels, in todays management, requires value to shareholders, value to the business eco-system (including clients, staff, partners and providers) through contributing to the welfare of the society and enviroment with a dedicated commitment to the vision and values of the organization.

Assesment Centers, for snr.  management and executive levels usually last from one day to couple of days depending on the size of the business, responsibility area of the position, influence and impact levels and political acumen are just few parameters that are taken care during the set-up scenario of a position in Assesment Centers.

In any senior executive level assesment, individual comfort zones are highly  challanged to visualize the attitude, behaviour, thinking styles and  how it effects the executives decision system and demonstrated leadership mainly under stress conditions far away from dily routines.

How does it work?

Executive level professionals are usally given scenarios to simulate “Day In Life” patterns whereby participants discuss and demonstrate their approach via testing, interviews, business cases, role plays and presentations. During the assesment participants are engaged in many tasks and problem-solving situations.  The program that assesors follow is realistic and action oriented to visualize the connected participant.

In Professionally run Recruitment Focused Assesment Centers, managment, leadership, social, political and business acumens are monitored and asked the participant to practice either on a single case or multiple cases.

In a recent paper submitted by  Development Dimensions International the following dimensions are assesed by the majority of centers in Europe and US in the executive centers.

Customer Service/Market Focus, Oral Communication/ Presentation, Problem Solving/ Decision Making, Planning & Execution, Commitment to Team Approach/ Empowerment, Developing Organizational Talent, Initiative, Executive Disposition, Managing Performance, Professional Knowledge/ Global Awareness, Strategic Vision, Change & Innovation.

Major questions participants face during an assesment are why, how and what to understand the internal drive of the executive, the thinking habbits and styles and preffered action during business turbilance and turmoil under exposed continious change as a result of global forces.


Getting Ready for Executive Level Recruitment Focused Assesments and Interviews

Under normal circumstances all executive level professionals are engaged with extra ordinary situations caused by global economic tirbulances which forces corporates focus on change, profitability, innovation and increased pressure on financials.  Knowing the global economic balance will not be stabilized in a short period senior executives and leaders are to maintain “sustainability”.

In the core of any assesment the recruitment needs to solve the problem of sustainability for the organization. Many case studies are drived from this fact and want the participant to perform a relative thinking style and develop an integrated working culture enhanced with strategic approach through a holistic ( 17 Eye View and Principle ) view.

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